Hey guys, it’s Cole and Jamie Boling here with The Boling Group at Keller Williams One Legacy Partners in Topeka. Your go to real estate couple as we do real estate together. Today, we want to kind of get away from real estate a little bit and introduce you to a dear family friend of ours who has a really cool business. We have used her services, we believe in what she does, we have a lot of friends, clients, family who have also used her and so today we have Amy Hough with us and hi Amy! Hello! Thanks for having me. Yes, so why don’t you tell everybody who you are and what you do. Okay, yep, I’m Amy Hough and I own a sleep consulting business so I help kids learn how to be really good independent sleepers and of course that’s a huge benefit for kids but in turn it benefits parents and the whole family really for everyone to be able to get a good nights sleep. So, I have been doing this for gosh almost 4 years now. I really enjoy it, I’m passionate about sleep and about how important it is and it’s just really rewarding. Awesome, awesome! So, what does the process look like? Like if somebody says oh my gosh, I can’t get my kids out of my bed, I never get any sleep and they call you, like what can somebody expect when they go through that process? Yes, well I think that sleep consulting is kind of a new, a newer thing or it’s less common in our area. I’ll say that some kids are just great sleepers right from the start, some kids parents can help become great sleepers all on their own, and then you’ve got lots of parents that seems like they try everything, nothing works, they struggle for months and months or years and just can’t seem to get sleep figured out for their little ones. So, those are the families primarily that would reach out to me that just need to call in reinforcements and have a little bit of extra guidance so when they do reach out to me, we’ll have an initial call and I”ll make sure there aren’t any red flags that maybe there’s a medical thing going on and just make sure it’s something that I can help with and that it’s a good fit for the family. They fill out a really in depth questionnaire, I write up a custom plan for them. But then the biggest part is just that we work together while they’re actually implementing their plan. I think that having the support and hand holding while they’re going through the process and be able to troubleshoot and ask questions and have my experience. That’s what really helps them to be successful. So, that’s kind of how it works and at the end we always do a wrap up call and we talk about future sleep, I have a guide that I send them with, I really my hope is that families will continue to get good sleep long term. Well, I know when we had you help us with our son, Brayden, it was really beneficial, we were one of those like oh, we know what to do but we’re nervous so we’re like help us just like be there for us and of course that was before we moved again but, HA! We’re going to be getting with you again because we need to get all of ours out but you were really helpful to get him out the first time so we just gotta get back and follow your plan again so we will be contacting you about that. Yea, there’s always wrenches that get thrown in, people go on vacation, you know there’s little things that come up in life that can get you off track but good news is you can always get back on. Absolutely, absolutely, well we would love for all of our clients to use you obviously. Those of our clients who really need you right now, what is a really simple and easy way to get in contact with you? I would say go to my website, it’s AmyHoughSleep.com. You can sign up for that initial call that I mentioned right there on the site, my packages and pricing is listed on there as well, so that’s what I would say is to go ahead and set up a call and we’ll go from there. The other, so, oh sorry, go ahead, oh sorry, I was just going to say the other place that I’m most active is on Facebook so they can always find my page there. I do a free Q&A once a month that they could look out for and of course post tips and things like that too. Awesome! Perfect. So, what would be something that you would say is like a most frequently asked question you get asked all the time that maybe you could share? Yea, I’ve got a couple in mind. One would just be that I get asked about when is the right age to start or is it too late to start? So, at 4 months is generally when I would start the sleep training but there’s really no time that’s too late. I work with kids that are school age so I think it’s never too late to start making changes to a child’s sleep habits. So, that’s the age range there. The other thing that I get asked a lot is just you know why, why won’t my child sleep through the night? So, just a quick little bit of I guess information there is it often times comes down to how the child falls asleep initially so I talk a lot about what we call a sleep crutch or a sleep prop. So, just think about maybe what your child uses externally that kind of assists them into sleep so that’s probably the biggest culprit that would need to be addressed and is something that I can certainly help with but we all wake up in the night and if a child is really dependent on a sleep crutch, they’re going to call out and need that thing again. Yea, makes sense. Any other questions that you have or anything else you’d like to add? I don’t think I have anything else. Okay, well perfect, if you guys have any if anybody watching needs help with sleep with their kid or even themselves, contact Amy, she’d be happy to help you guys. Yes, all her contact information will be in the comments section under this video, and on this video we’re going to have that should be right under her picture right now. So, there will be more than one way to get ahold of Amy. Amy, thank you so much for joining us today. Yes, thank you Amy. I even learned some more stuff and I know we’ve talked about this many times. So, very cool very cool thing that you do, it is very new it is very under talked about, it is under talked about a lot of people don’t even know this exists. So, we have come to know that this is a great thing, very beneficial, and there are a lot of things that this helps with so thanks again for joining us and we will talk to you next time. Thank you guys. See ya. Bye. 

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