There’s no harm in hoping for the best as long as you’re prepared for the worst.

Hope this list helps you prepare your vehicle for the cold weather. We always recommend carrying extra water and granola/protein bars in case of an emergency. (All baby/pet necessities as well). Warm clothes, gloves, beanies, boots, coats, etc…

We wanted to share some of the items we have found to come in handy to keep in our vehicles. We are doing this as an Amazon Affiliate link since some people can make money for sharing, we figured why can’t we? Check out these items and let us know what you think.

As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.

1. This DeWALT Portable Power Station Jump Starter(Full disclosure: we keep this in our vehicle year round).

You can use this to air up low tires (cold weather is prone to cause your vehicles tires to be low), jump start your own vehicle or someone else’s.

If you wanted to upgrade to this portable power station jump starters, you could use the power inverter in case you needed to charge other devices as well. #ad

2. This Ice Scraper Mitt style is one of our favorites — not only does it scrape windows but the glove also helps protects your hands from the snow/ice/cold. Win-win! #ad

3. Heated Blanket. This 12V Heated Blanket from Walmart has been amazing this Winter! #ad



4. Folding Emergency Snow Shovel

Having a folding emergency snow shovel could come in handy if you got snowed in a little while at work or if you accidentally slide off the roadway and need to clear a path to get back on the road. #ad



5. Jumper Cables Getting the longer cables, 20 ft, help with getting the cables stretched further in case maneuvering the vehicles isn’t easily done. I used these in the Walmart parking lot one day and didn’t have to move my vehicle closer to the other vehicle because they reached while I was in one aisle catty corner to the vehicle that needed jumped. I was able to make them stretch which was nice since there were vehicles all around each of us at the moment. Of course there are longer and shorter, I just enjoy these. 



6. Flashlights! These flashlights have been nice to have in our vehicles. They’re super bright and small so they fit nicely in small compartments in the vehicle while storing. #ad Remember to pack some extra batteries too!


7. Small Tool Kit for your vehicle.

It’s small and compact and comes with essential tools for your vehicles’ emergency repair. #ad



8. First Aid Kit

Zipper case keeps everything altogether and is a nice compact kit with essentials for a variety of emergencies. #ad Here is another first aid kit that we like. (Especially if you’re on the go and have young kids).


9. Fire Blanket 

This blanket is 40″ by 40″. Easy to use fire blanket — all you need to do it throw the blanket over the fire, cover the flames, and wait for the fire to subside. You can also use it to shield you and/or pets from fire as well. Read the item description to know where you can and can’t use this fire blanket. #ad



10. Hand Warmers

Throw these in your first aid kit and be sure to have enough for everyone in your family plus a couple extra. #ad



11. Car Phone Charger

This car phone charger works great if you have an Android or iPhone. We’ve used this one for our iPhones and Apple MacBook Air on the go. #ad



12. Winter Windshield Washer Fluid

Have extra windshield washer fluid and extra wipers on hand in case one breaks.

We hope you have a safe winter. Remember, be prepared for the worst and hope for the best. Stay safe out there!

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